Recent News

Norwegian Goldcrest recovered.

Just 5 grammes, this tiny bird was ringed in Norway and recovered by one of our ringers near Montrose just 15 days later.

NOS.LS4519 N 3M 01/10/16 Giljastolen, Gjesdal, Rogaland, Norway C 2M Recaptured 16/10/16 CCM Mains of Usan, Angus (569 km, WSW, 15 days)

Scottish Ringers' Conference 2017

Tay Ringing Group will be hosting the Scottish Ringers' Conference in 2017

Easthaven Bioblitz

Tay RG held a very successful ringing demonstration as part of the Easthaven Bioblitz in August 2016. One of the young Goldfinches ringed that day turned up in Cambridgeshire two months later. 

S241920 N 3J 27/08/16 PE EASTHAVEN CARNOUSTIE, Angus C 4M Recaptured 22/10/16 Old Westo, Cambridgeshire (481 km, SSE, 56 days)