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Pandemic restricts our training projects

The Covid 19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns curtailed our projects but we were later granted permissions to continue many of our studies as long as social distancing and other protocols were observed -as directed by the Scottish Government. Only minimal training could be offered to more experienced trainees under those circumstances and we are still finding it difficult to accommodate the many people who have been in touch over the last year enquiring about starting as a trainee ringer. We are doing our best to provide more opportunities as, and when restrictions ease.


Norwegian Goldcrest recovered.

Just 5 grammes, this tiny bird was ringed in Norway and recovered by one of our ringers near Montrose just 15 days later.

NOS.LS4519 N 3M on 1st October , Giljastolen, Gjesdal, Rogaland, Norway C 2M Recaptured 16th October, CCM Mains of Usan, Angus (569 km, WSW, 15 days)

Redshank in Iceland

Back in 2008 Neil Morrison and John Calladine caught and colour ringed a redshank near Kincardine. John has just been sent this picture of one of the redshank. 2021 and happily breeding in Iceland. 

Breeding Season 2021

The nesting season is speeding past with our members out pursuing lots of projects. Here are some Tawny Owls (Robin Manson) and Peregrine (Mike Fenton)

Oh my goodness!!

As of June 2021, the Short-eared owl satellite tagged in Arran by Neil Morrison and co has made it to Russia where it is thought to be brooding a nest!

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